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TRUSST's Annual Workshop is a guided, "open-table" discussion intended to support graduate student trust research. Interested students are asked to have a specific trust-related project in mind but this can either be one that they are working on or one that they are conceptualizing. Generally, the workshop is most helpful after the student has a particular trust relationship identified but before they have collected data. 


During the workshop, attendees collaboratively discuss their research projects using four key questions as a guide. 

  1. Who? -- Who or what is doing the trusting (the "trustor")? Who or what is the object of that trust (the "trustee")?

  2. For what? -- What is the nature of their relationship? What does it mean for the trustor to trust the trustee?

  3. Why? -- Why would that trustor be willing to trust that trustee?

  4. So what? -- Why does or should anyone care about that trust? What does it mean if that trustee is or is not trusted?

The workshop is held annually in the fall. The 2024 workshop is TBD.

Interested in attending the workshop?

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