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The TRUSST Lab advances the cross-boundary social science of trust by supporting PhD student-led research projects that advance the theory and practice of trust. Potential lab projects are evaluated by the full lab primarily for fit.


Lab projects are primarily supported through a gift from an anonymous donor. Decisions regarding the use of those funds are made collectively. Lab projects have also been supported directly by a variety of internal and external funding programs.

Undergraduate and graduate students who are not currently leading a project support existing lab projects.

Interested students are encouraged to contact the lab at

Active Lab Projects

Exploring Power, Vulnerability, and Trust in Public Governance through a Feminist Lens

Project Lead: Katie Darcy

Status: Under review


Disentangling Trust and Risk as Drivers of Compliance with a Governance Agency

Project Lead: Jenna Van Fossen

Status: Analyzing data


Exploring the Correlates of Fear of Unjustified Police Harm

Project Lead: Travis Carter

Status: Collecting data


Mobilizing the Law: The Role of Vulnerability and Court Process in the Decision to File a Small Claims Suit

Project Lead: John Ropp

Status: Under review

Links: Report

Evaluating the Self-Reinforcing Relationship 
between Trustworthiness and Trust

Project Lead: Jenna Van Fossen

Status: Analyzing data


Exploring Institutional Trust and Social Factors in Sexual Minorities' IPV-Related Help Seeking Behaviors 

Project Lead: Jed Knode

Status: Preparing materials


Lab Students

Olatayo Bakare's APSA DFP Headshot.jpg

Olatayo Bakare

Dept. of Political Science


Amanda Isabel Osuna

School of Criminal Justice


Travis Carter

School of Criminal Justice


Mark Speers

School of Criminal Justice


Jed Knode

School of Criminal Justice


John Ropp

School of Criminal Justice


Vincent Liu

School of Criminal Justice


Jenna Van Fossen

Department of Psychology

Lab Alumni


Katie Darcy

Department of Behavioral Sciences, University of Michigan-Dearborn

External Advisory Board


Michelle Bruneau

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services


Jon Jackson

Department of Methodology, London School of Economics


Bill McEvily

Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Collaborating Faculty


Justin Pickett

School of Criminal Justice, University of Albany


Adam Zwickle

Dept. of Comm. Sustainability, Michigan State University

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