Dioxin Contamination in the Saginaw Bay Watershed

Dioxin contamination has long been an important environmental health issue in Michigan's Saginaw Bay Watershed. The goal of this NIEHS-funded collaboration is to leverage social science theories and methods to engage with affected communities.

Flint Water Crisis Narratives

The Flint Water Crisis lead to a crisis of trust that captured national attention. The goal of this collaboration was to understand and learn from the experiences of the Flint community.

Evaluating Defendant Experiences in Court

Courts often evaluate the experiences of defendants and other court users through the lens of concepts like procedural justice and trust. The goal of this collaboration was to understand defendant experiences as a function of race, gender, and custody status.

The TRUSST Lab partners with a variety of organizations with a practical interest in trust as part of their day-to-day operations.


Active partnerships include a variety of state and local organizations working especially on criminal justice and environmental health issues. Example collaborations appear on the right.

In order to support the trust-relevant efforts of organizations like these, we have compiled resources and initiated traineeships in which students are funded to work directly with a partner organization.

Organizations interested in partnering with the lab are encouraged to contact us at trusstlab@gmail.com.